What are some of the benefits of joining the G220 Ventures Platform?

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Here are a few examples of how startups benefit by joining our platform.

    • It doesn’t cost anything to join the platform!
    • Get face time with investors and the opportunity to pitch your company
    • Network with Venture Capitalists, Investors, other founders and develop lifelong network of professionals.
    • Learning opportunities with access to exclusive events and programs where investors speak about what they look for in investments and how to contact them
    • Discounted offers from various service providers and software tools such as AWS, Google Adwords, Brex, Hubspot, ADP, etc
    • Leverage added university talent and consulting expertise to address a problem you may not have the time or resources to solve.
    • Another channel for finding excellent students as your future team member
    • Connect with potential clients or other service providers such as development team, manufacturing company, legal or accounting services that can help run your startup more efficiently.

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