What is the kind of time commitment expected from students?

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We understand that school life is busy with exams and assignments. We have been in your shoes. We expect you to treat this as an academic project where you are taking your classroom knowledge to the real-world.

Say, 7-10 hours a week would be a safe estimate though. Having said that, there is no minimum requirement from our end. If a participant/team is more involved and excited about working, they get more out of this program. We understand there will be times when midterms, finals or other assignments in school or otherwise will limit one’s schedule, we are pretty flexible and do not mandate any minimum requirement. During the program, for example, if you are in the middle of working on an investment proposal, and because of other commitments you aren’t available in a particular week, we would expect you to keep us informed (whenever possible). Our vision is to make this more self-driven, voluntary, student-community led that is a win-win-win situation for all stakeholders involved (i.e. students, startups and VCs).

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