What kind of consulting projects will I work on?

A wide variety of consulting projects will be made available. It could be one of the following but not limited to

  • New Market Entry Strategy for a Startup. (Example: https://g220ventures.com/portfolio/market-entry/)
  • Creating Financial Model or helping the company with some accounting related projects. (Example: https://g220ventures.com/portfolio/finance/)
  • Technology Implementation or creating a blueprint on how a company can implement new tech. (Example: https://g220ventures.com/portfolio/technology/)
  • Help companies optimize inventory management, supply chain or anything else. (Example: https://g220ventures.com/portfolio/supply-chain-optimization/)
  • Building pitch deck, business plans, investment thesis, etc (Example: https://g220ventures.com/portfolio/develop-investment-thesis/)
  • Growth Strategy and Marketing Plan. (Example: https://g220ventures.com/portfolio/growth-strategy/)

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